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The future of design is programmable

Rocket AI is a SaaS platform to create and edit product images and improve e-commerce sales and advertising performances using AI. We empower e-commerce businesses with AI solutions to improve their product images as well as to generate new ideas and design concepts from a simple text prompt.

Supercharge your creative tasks

Create Product Variations

Generate new ideas and design concepts, visualise your product in different styles, colors and shapes.

Improve Image Quality

Improve image angles, lighting and settings to boost marketing and sales conversion.

Edit Image Background

Enhance your product images with background and context that increase conversion in seconds.

PHOTOShoot As a Service

Use backgrounds that convert

Poor quality product images do not convert. RocketAI helps you building a background around your existing product with reflection and shadows that are consistent.

Rocket AI - Design Process
Rocket AI - Design Process

programmable design

Remix your images and create variations

Generate product variations in new colours, styles and sizes in a few seconds.

How it works

Augment your product images with AI

Upload your product catalog into our web interface, train a customised text-to-image model and start generating thousands of images from a simple text prompt.
Then, just need to type a few lines of the concept, which will be used by the system to generate new visual content, saving hours of research and design time.

Rocket AI - Training Interface

Credits: Forked from InvokeAI.


Request our standard plan, to build up to 25 custom models using your product images, where you will be able to test the potential of this incredible technology.

  • Requirements Analysis

  • 25 custom fine tuned models

  • 1 user

  • 5k images/month


With our enterprise plan we work closely with customers to build and integrate Generative AI capabilities into their business and creative workflows.

  • Models fine tuned without limits

  • Generation time without limits

  • Multiple users

  • Support included

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